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Self storage is not only an ideal solution for your average individual or family but can also work extremely well for businesses of all sizes. As the self storage industry has evolved, so has its range of services, which can be utilized by business users to help them operate more cost-effectively. Many assume that the only business use a self storage facility can offer is storage… the reality is that many are now offering a complete range of services such as mail-boxes, office facilities, showers and coffee/meeting rooms that can help any business on a daily basis. Some self storage facilities even specialize solely for commercial use with purpose built storage units to meet every business need.

Businesses today like to keep their overheads down and do not want to have to pay enormous fees for high rent office space above and beyond what they will use everyday. You will pay the same per square foot for storage space in an office building as you will for the office. Less expensive public storage is ideal for these businesses. If you are fortunate to work in a rapidly growing company your business may need more storage space and self storage is an excellent secure and cost effective option. You will be in possession of a key or access card and can control who has access to the space providing excellent security access for your items. Paper and computer records, infrequently used equipment and even office furniture can be stored in public storage. Most storage companies offer climate controlled storage to protect items that can be sensitive to the environment. Be sure to provide details of what items you need stored when requesting estimates so that the storage companies can give accurate estimates. Different items may require different storage conditions so they will need to know this when calculating the estimate []


While price is important when looking for self storage units, finding cheap storage units should not be your top priority. You must always make sure that you rent space is from reputable and high quality self storage facilities, that offers you complete secure systems so nodoby else can get access to your unit, also depending on your items to be stored, probably you will need storage units that offer protection against wheater threaths, humidy, pests and others.

Storage unit prices vary from company to company so it is important to know how to find the best deal on a unit. Barrelroll, an eHow Member writter has some step by step tips about finding good price self storage London, here is a brief of them…

  • Decide on how much space you need in your storage unit. Also be sure to determine how much you are willing to spend.
  • Conduct a search online for storage units prices. Price shop to compare the best deals for units in your area.
  • Head down to a few local storage companies in your area. Inquire as to how much unit for the amount of space you need will cost.
  • Consider downsizing the amount of storage you need. This will save you money considering that bigger storage units cost more money than smaller units.

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storing.com_safekeepingCMYK are unbeatable for self storage in London and the Home Counties, with household, commercial storage and document storage in our accessible secure and fully insured storage containers… …Whether moving home or office, in London or the Home Counties, our secure ‘Safe Keeping’ storage units are easily able to accommodate all things domestic or business. For everything from a single household item to a full house contents.” is a great deal for those living in Great Britain, in need of London Self Storage solution. They offer 4 sizes of storage container: 10, 35, 160 and 320 sq ft. These can be used in any combination, for any length of time. They also have a complete security system to keep safe your belongings. “With swipe card access; initial personal photo-identity entry; on-site security personnel; and all the very latest security technology, you can be assured that your property and valuables are in very Safe Keeping”.

They also work with Teamsters Ltd, this is a Logistics company encompassing transportation, haulage, removals and shipping, packaging, warehousing and distribution, self storage and document storage. Trading worldwide from Bedfordshire, UK. The Self-Storage part is covered precisely by Ltd.

Prices: Starting at £6.90/week, is one of the cheapest price in UK, and your London Self Storage unit price is fixed for 5 years… other storage companies tempt you in with a lower initial fee and then raise the rates significantly once your goods are stored with them, will keep the same low charges throughout the term of your storage contract, for up to five years.

Price for self storage units in UK are generaly set on weekly basis. Cheap price self storage London units start around £5 per weekly, and goes up to £9, depending on the type of units and size, prices vary too.

Everyday there are many persons in need of moving, whatever their moving and storage needs are, no matter if it’s just some furniture, or if it’s an upscale moving (like if you are moving overseas and want all your belongings come with you, or if a business needs to move a large inventory of goods), probably they will need assistance for all the moving process, especially on the removal step.

If this is your case, the best option to find help is getting the assistance of a removal company. There are several services related to household or office removal, and there are different kinds of removal companies. For sure, and during the current times with the markets so vulnerable to lot of things (like political changes, financial crisis, even climate impact -like the latest Iceland Volcano’s ash causing impact on the air transport industry-) you will looking to save the most of you can on your moving process [Keep reading about house removals…]